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The mission of the 1745 Jacobite Society is to preserve Celtic(Scottish), and British(English) history and culture of the Jacobite era. We share such history through demonstrations at Highland Games, French and Indian War reenactments, American War of Independence reenactments, and educational functions. The society is focused towards the Jacobite and English history of 1745 to 1781.

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If interested in contracting the 1745 Jacobite Society for your event please contact the society at:



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We will be more than happy to host a blackpowder demo at your event. 

Reenactment Demonstration

The 1745 Jacobite Society demonstrating various 18th century weapons, tactics & clothing to a crowd at a reenactment event in Northern Arizona.

Photo Courtesy of Rosemary Woods

Becoming A Member

The 1745 Jacobite Society is one of the few Scottish/English societies that does not require Clan affiliation, Rank, Title, or Scottish/English ancestry.

We may be contacted at:


Or you can write to:

1745 Jacobite Society
1450 W. Kaibab Lane Lot 122   

Flagstaff, Arizona  86001  

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Membership Dues (Insurance) per year:
Family - 45.00

Individual - 35.00

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The Goals Of The Society

The goals of the 1745 Jacobite Society are to preserve the:
History, Customs, Music, Heritage, Language, Clothing, and Weaponry of the era.

These goals are met through, but not limited to, active participation at reenactment events, reenactment battle and skirmish scenes of the 1745 Jacobite RebellionAmerican War of Independence & Seven Years War reenactment's in various locations - Also, Jacobite Risings reenactments at Highland Games - bivouac gatherings in order to train in the use of weapons - Providing Honour and Colour Guards for visiting Clan Chiefs and dignataries, also, leading in the Clans at opening ceremonies at Highland Games - Blackpowder demonstrations - Giving instructional demonstrations to schools, libraries, and other public and private organizations. Through organized research we will be furthering the education of Celtic/Anglo history for both our members and our beneficiaries.

Keeping The Piping Tradition Alive


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